Testimonial by Ms. Masol Tecson
Thursday, 9 February 2017

I would like to commend the staff of Simone of Festival Mall – Alabang for being so accommodating while I was choosing a formal gown for my husband’s OSMAK’s Emergency Medicine Grand Reunion last December 2016. They  helped me choose a gown that would make me look taller. They were also able to alter my gown to a perfect fit just in a short period of time.

Thank you very much!

Dr. Masol Tecson (Dentist)

Testimonial by Ms. Masol Tecson
Friday, 29 July 2016


These pictures were taken last October 2015 during a friend’s wedding. A simple but elegantly designed Simoné gown fitted me well even if my body is still not that well-proportionate that time which was brought about by a recent pregnancy and natal delivery of our youngest child. The staff of Simoné Festival Mall really did good customer care services during that time in helping me choose s design that would best fit me. The alteration was also done well. You see, I am not that tall, so length of gown is always an issue when it comes to buying RTWs. Thanks a lot!!! I definitely would recommend Simoné to my friends! I will surely be back for my next formal occasions! God bless you and more power!


Ms. Cecile Martizon Twitt
Thursday, 28 July 2016


60’s attire made by Simoné


Thank you Simoné for my wedding dress!

Testimonial… Anniel Michaela Prats
Tuesday, 29 April 2014
Anniel Michaela Prats2

Anniel Michaela Prats

Thank you Simone for my super rush debut gown hahah… =)

josephine tanaliga festejo's daughter

 Thanks to Simone for making my daughter so fabulous on her JS Prom night…..

Testimonial… Light Dagza Lopez
Tuesday, 29 April 2014
Jaira Lopez

Jaira Lopez

Thank you Simone shop for making my daughter so much pretty.. =)

Going to the Prom solo?
Monday, 10 December 2012

So you’re going to the prom.

Dress? Check.

Shoes? Check.

Hairstyle? Check.

Make-up? Check.

Date? …Uh oh.

A little uneasy about that part, are you? Do not fret! You are not alone. A lot of girls are on the same boat. The question is, then: Whom should you take to be your partner for that special event of glitter and glamour? A lot would say you have to choose someone you are comfortable with. Take someone you can easily talk to, because he will, in fact, be your companion for the entire evening. Some say to choose the best looking boy you know, but you have to make sure, though, that this boy should not outshine you. It is, after all, still your night. Others would advise you to take someone outgoing who can lure everyone, yourself especially, into having good fun.

But what if you’d rather not take anyone? What if you prefer to fly solo, and turn heads all on your own? You want to be the one receiving the attention, and no one else. Are you that independent spirit who believes you don’t need a date to make the evening a perfect one? Hey, that’s ok, too!

If you’re still stuck in between, there is no need to worry. There is time to mull things over, and time to put that decision into effect. To help you in the meantime, here is a collection of notes from young ladies who have been there.

If you would like to invite a date to the event, remember to choose wisely! An ideal date would be someone you aren’t awkward around. You would like someone who is personable,and willing to talk to your friends and your friends’ dates. And most importantly, your date should be the boy who will make sure you will have an eventful night. If you do decide to take this road, you will have someone literally attached to you, making you feel lovely and appreciated with his presence. These are things you can expect with your date holding on to your arm for the night:

  1. Special treatment from your date is a constant. Being the gentleman that he is, he would automatically make you feel notably different and better than usual. Because he is “assigned” to you, his focus is on you alone. Maybe he’ll talk to your friends, and he’ll converse with the other boys on your table, but he will divert himself to you after a few minutes, and concentrate on you
  2. You have a constant companion and dance partner whom you can drag to the dance floor at any second of the evening. He has no choice but to oblige- happily, even.
  3. It is only natural that there will be an awkward moment or two. All you have to do is let yourselves get used to everything. And then just brush it off. It will be something worth sharing later anyway.
  4. You will have to make sure he is settling well, too! Do not forget to check from time to time whether he is stillenjoying, or if his feet need a short rest. He is your guest, and you must be a gracious inviter.
  5. FUN, FUN, FUN! If all goes according to plan- even with the unpredictable mess-ups- then you and your date will have a blast celebrating this night together with your friends and their dates. And if you both make the night even more vibrant than it already is, you might just be crowned king and queen!

As for going stag, you have one less job to do on your prom list, and that is to make a selection for a date. It’s all about you on this night, and determining the perfect dress, hair, and make-up is what you will be directing yourself towards. Without a date, this is what you may foresee:

  • Receiving admiration for going without a date will definitely come that night. You are considered a brave soul who chose what not many (let’s face it) would choose to do.
  • All compliments will be addressed to you alone. Since there is no one attached to you, so to speak, the special treatment you will receive will be from everyone else at the prom. Your hard work for choosing the perfect everything will finally be acknowledged!
  • Second thoughts may loom in your head. You might ask yourself why you chose to go stag and not take a date like most girls did. Assure yourself, though, that you made this decision because you knew it was what you wanted, and the experience will still be worthwhile.
  • You go through the night at your own pace, and at your own will. There is no one to synchronize eating courses with, or someone to wait on while in the restroom. You will be free to dance as much as you want to, even up to that point when you kick off your heels… and dance some more.
  • FUN, FUN, FUN! You look beautiful in your gown, and you outshined most girls with your free spirit. People turned heads and reveled in your aura. If things fall into place and get even better, you could just be named stag of the night!

Hopefully, these will help you make a decision. Remember, this is your night, so it all boils down to you. Let others share what they think you should do, but do not let them force you into inviting a date or not. Give in to what you believe will allow you to make the most of the night, and create memories that are worth going back to in the future.

guest blogging for Simone,

Karina Rivera

Testimonial… Karina Dayrit
Thursday, 15 November 2012

Karina DayritFor a prom with a theme Alice in Wonderland, I was able to feel like a princess with a simple but elegant dress designed by Jonathan in Simone. Thanks to Simone, I felt beautiful that night and I am looking forward to see more of their designs.

Karina Dayrit

We all love dressing up, which explains why we collect countless dresses until our closets start to burst and our husbands and boyfriends begin to complain. But with all the clothing choices we have, it often boils down choosing between a short dress and a long dress. Let me help you decide quickly with these tips:

Wear a Short Dress If…

  • You want to flaunt your legs. If there’s one good reason to wear a short dress, then this would be it. If you’re lucky enough to have legs that you can show off,  then a short dress would definitely highlight one of your best assets.
  • You’re petite. Wearing a short dress if you’re petite will be to your advantage too. Why? That’s because this will give the illusion that you are taller than you actually are. Add to that a pair of high-heels and you’ll look even taller—but try not to be taller than your partner. You don’t want to end up looking like a Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes couple height-wise (well they’ve separated, but you get the point).
  • You’re attending an informal event. It’s okay to wear a short dress in informal events such as cocktail parties. Events like these give you the license to look nice without losing the fun side of things.

Wear a Long Dress If…

  • You’re going to a formal event. Weddings and other black tie events are more suited for long dresses. Short dresses are often okay too, but wear a long one if you want to be on the safe side.
  • You’re hosting a party. Again, this will be applicable to more formal events. As a host, you want to look great and elegant, and a long dress would be perfect for that.

In general, short dresses are fit for informal events such as proms and cocktail parties, while long dresses are better suited for more formal parties. It’s a quick and simple rule you can remember every time you’re going to a party but are not sure how to dress appropriately.

Who is Simoné

Simoné is our smart, witty, and opinionated resident blogger who will fill you in with bite-sized tips on fashion, partying, etiquette, and everything in between. Plus, read occasional insights from men through her male counterpart, Simon.

Fashion Tip...

  • When buying a dress for the prom, make your purchase at least two months before the event to get a better pick of the lot before the best ones get out of stock - and to have enough time for alterations.
  • To take tabs on what clothes you have worn more recently, you can either flip the hangers when the clothes come back from the wash or stack it upside down.
  • If planning to wear a new set of shoes for a party, wear them for 30 minutes daily in your house starting a week from the date of the party to make the shoe adjust to the shape of your feet
  • If you accidentally stained your clothes with red wine at a party - put a bit of salt to prevent it from setting, then use white wine to 'lift' the red wine stain.  Do not rub, but 'blot' out the stain.
  • If you store a lot of shoes in look-alike boxes, print out a picture of the pair inside the box and glue the picture outside the box so you won't need to open boxes to search for a particular pair

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